What is the Global Business Services (GBS) Forum?

GBS Forum event series is intended to create a solid and neutral platform together with public and private players and stakeholders. It enables discourse on global business services trends and shifts in business technology among the business community, within the ASEAN region.

As more companies are leveraging GBS strategies to align their business objectives and obtain economies of scale – it is vital to have a neutral stage to access best practices and reap industry opportunities.

Today, it is all about transforming the way business is done by leveraging global opportunities to deliver solutions across many locations and platforms. It is also about ensuring that hitherto, discrete business models (like shared services operations and outsourcing) are cohesively leveraged within the context of a global business services framework.

But what do these global business services structures look like? And how will they evolve to support and enhance the businesses that they operate or serve?

Also, as we draw the curtains down to the era of commoditised services and outdated business models – it is vital that vendors ensure their continued relevance in a global world that only recognises corporate meritocracy and not patronage.