What is the Global Business Services (GBS) Forum?

GBS Forum event series is intended to create a solid and neutral platform together with public and private players and stakeholders to enable the business community in the ASEAN region to gather and discuss on global business services trends and shifts in business technology.

As more companies are leveraging on GBS strategies to align their business objectives and obtain economies of scale – it is vital to have a neutral stage to access best practices and reap industry opportunities.

Today it is all about transforming the way business is done by leveraging global opportunities to deliver solutions across many locations and platforms. It is also about ensuring that hitherto discrete business models (like shared services operations and outsourcing) are cohesively leveraged within the context of a global business services framework.

But what do these global business services structures look like? And how will they evolve to support and enhance the businesses that they operate or serve?

Also, as we draw the curtains down to the era of commoditised services and outdated business models – it is vital that vendors ensure their continued relevance in a global world that only recognises corporate meritocracy and not patronage.

On the Shared Services segment – how can these entities find ways to further enhance their operations?

How about organisations who are left behind in this global services game – isn’t it never too late to get on board?

Events under the GBS Forum series seek to find answers to pertinent matters within the Global Business Services sector and at the same time create a solid platform for the uninitiated to get the right information and latest trends, besides setting the stage for an interaction within the business community to share knowledge and debunk myths.

Each year, there will be many events focusing on trending topics within the GBS industry, besides highlighting market opportunities and setting the stage for interaction within the business community to share knowledge and gain best practices.

These are not just one off events, as Wordlabs Global ( is using its media suites to create a backbone for these events to ensure continued and parallel discussions to constantly capture thought leadership.

As a locational anchor – we intend to employ an ASEAN slant to these events.

Wordlabs Global has integrated these event series into its established media solutions – such as the Global Business Services (GBS) magazine, other regional publications and its media best practices to position and brand ASEAN as a region of opportunities – within and for other regions too.

Through this two-pronged strategy of specialised events and media services – we intend to position ASEAN as a delectable location for global services.

One of the major milestones of ASEAN is the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (also known as AEC), which aims to integrate the region’s diverse economies, a location of 600 million people and a combined GDP of US$2.4 trillion.

The ASEAN Economic Community (or AEC) is defined by four pillars:

  • Creating a single market and production base
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Promoting equitable economic development
  • Further integrating ASEAN into the global economy

If the integration succeeds, the region will become the fourth largest economy in the next few years.

Having a singular platform and a neutral fraternity or point to take on bigger outsourcing locations will be beneficial in the broader aspects.

As compared to many other parts of the world, Southeast Asia has a relatively young population. This presents good conditions for global entities that want to source services from the region. Also, it also poses big business opportunities to companies that want to tap into a dynamic market of eager new consumers.

Another over-arching intention is also for buyer regions to tap the vast potential of this region within a GBS framework.

We are also including the VIBRANT start-up community in the discussions in both our events and media to further spur innovation and ideas within the GBS fraternity.

Moving forward, we will also launch at our events, white papers and special reports on locations and competencies to further add layers of value, besides providing training programmes for the burgeoning talent pool of this vast industry.